Importing and Exporting Curves

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Exporting and Importing curves is a powerful organization tool added in v1.2 of CurveTools.

Using it, user can easily export one or multiple curve cards/tubes or bound cards to a new file, and then import it in any other project.

Exporting Curves

Maya Shelf

To export curves simply select any number of curves in the viewport and click on “Export Curves” button in the outliner.

All the export options will be applied automatically.

The only format compatible with the export function is Maya ASCII.

In the “Save File” dialog, enter the name of the file and click Save.

Importing Curves

Importing Curves is a simple process. Just click on Options -> Import Curves and in the file dialog, find and load the file you created before, using “Export Curves” functions.


Only files created by using “Export Curves” function are compatible with “Import Curves” function. Any other file might have unexpected behavior.